Amazon Prime Enhancing its Offerings for Indian Users

Amazon with its unique and innovative ideas is planning for an integration of its product offerings through Prime videos. This sounds a distant reality, but can take shape soon, with the company planning to make the most out of its videos serving to its e-commerce platform.

After integrating the voice assistant Alexa to the Amazon Prime Videos, the next move could be to an integration of the eCommerce platform and the Amazon Music. The spokesperson confirmed that generation of revenue through advertisement could be a possibility in the future.

The plan is to advertise its eCommerce products on the Prime Videos through a secondary screen. It means you would be able to buy clothes or other products displayed on the video or through the characters of the video. Head of content for Prime Videos states that “long-term these are possibilities. Amazon’s goal is to make it as easy for the customer to get what she wants. We are always looking to innovate. For example, the new show Comics than has a skill built into Alexa, where you can ask for a joke from a comedian.”

The company is also looking forward to push a special feature of its secondary screen called “X-Ray” that will enable the users to get more information about the content and other background details. It is an effort to engage the customers and give them an extraordinary experience of watching videos.

Amazon is also planning to push 10 new original series by 2019 and six might be ready by the end of this year. The company has to fight against the global rival Netflix which also prepares its originals which are highly appreciated. In the domestic level, Hotstar is competing well with its focus on regional content.

Amazon is having around 10 million Prime subscribers in India and it is telecasting its program in five regional languages. The company has recently hired Gaurab Gandhi, the former head of Voot, as the country head for Prime Videos.

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