FlipKart steps into AI with acquisition of start-up Liv.ai

FlipKart is not in a mood to give up its aggression of expansion and acquisitions. Now, it aims to grab the 200 million online shoppers with the help of artificial intelligence. It recently acquired Liv.ai which is a speech recognition AI starup-up, the deal amount, however, is not clear yet.

Liv.ai is supposed to become FlipKart’s center of excellence for voice solutions. It aims at providing conversational shopping experience to the users which will be one of its kind as till now only voice calls and online chat is supporting user interaction.

liv.ai was founded in 2015 and is the first Indian startup in APIs which facilitated speech to text conversion in 10 Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.
According to FlipKart CEO, the next wave of ecommerce revolution will come from the tier II cities who speak the native languages. It will be difficult for them to type in their languages, so voice will become the preferred mode of communication in online shopping. Hence working on voice support in comprehensible languages is a must to push the upcoming demand and satisfy the buyers.

Liv.ai team has been successful in meeting these requirements through their innovative technological innovations and deep neural based methods. Krishnamurthy said that “Ultimately, we want to give our customers a conversational e-commerce experience and believe that with the voice interface the opportunities are endless including discovery, search, engagement, transactions etc.”

According to FlipKart, this introduction of voice interaction will help it grab the rest of 200 million online shoppers who prefer their local languages for interaction on the web. The new team will work under the leadership of Ravish Sinha, vice president Flipkart. It will work on developing voice solutions and its integration on FlipKart app.


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