Indian Government Taking Initiative to Check the Online Sale of Fake good


Indian government, making its presence well felt, is going to take an initiative to check the sale of counterfeit good through online stores to safeguard the interest of online shoppers and maintain faith on online shopping. It is come as a great relief for the customers who prefer online shopping but are facing with counterfeit goods delivery problem many times. However, it is a voluntary service which can be availed by the buyers who wish to raise a complain against the delivery of counterfeit goods.

The news is given by government official and this system might be called Cashback, as in the conceptual stage. The discussion about this working model is going on among the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion and the Consumer Affairs Ministry. According to the official, more stakeholder consultation is needed to restrict the sale of counterfeit products in domestic market.

The issues which are still under discussion are the mechanism of filing a case for the counterfeit product and the process of checking whether the products is counterfeit. According to the official news, counterfeiting has grown significantly in the recent times and has become a global phenomenon.

The cases of delivering counterfeit products leads to erosion of the manufacturers name, brand name, and goodwill of a company. It also causes economic losses in terms of lost taxes and revenues. The cost saved is diverted to other illegal activities and such fake products posse threat to consumer health and safety.

This move by the government is sure to have far reaching effect on the online shopping experience and is in the interest of both the buyers as well as the sellers preserving their names and brand value. We just have to see when this mechanism comes into action for the real benefit of all.