Seller bodies offering feedback to government’s ecommerce policy


Draft policy of the Think Tank has invited quite a few reactions on it resulting in the united approach of private associations. They are expressing their opining on the same and proposing some amendments on it for the interest of all.

Seller association such as All India Online Vendors Association are ready to offer their feedback on the government’s e-commerce policy which was supposed to protect the interest of individual sellers by imposing a limited inventory model for a number of e-commerce platforms. The draft policy aimed at protecting the interest of small sellers.

A draft policy was circulated across the Think Tank that emphasized on having a limited inventory for domestically produced goods. This limited inventory B2C model was supposed to be for companies that do not have more than 49% of foreign investment.

Earlier this year, the government had created a Think Tank to decide on the policy making. Seller association and trade bodies lament on not being a part of this policy making practice, as they could have suggested some recommendations.

AIOVA has also requested for a separate existence of e-commerce retail goods that should be eligible for formal loans based on projection of retail sales made. It is a body represented by more than 3000 online retailers and want to establish e-commerce platforms as separate formal industry. They has also requested for promotion of exports through e-commerce platforms.

CAIT has further confirmed that other vendor associations like All India Mobile Retailers Association will also meet to raise their concerns in a cumulative way to the Union commerce minister Suresh Prabhu. In fact, CAIT itself is ready to raise and concern and ask for the exact definition of bulk purchase along with other issues related to their healthy existence in the industry.

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